Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reverend Nikki Returns

My Priesthood will continue this year when I will officiate weddings for
2 sets of my friends!!

The 1st wedding is for Dara and Devin, who I met in college,
and actually kinda introduced to each other! They will get married on October 2nd in
Los Osos at a adorable little bed and breakfast on the bay.
This is the place that Michelle and Chris also live, and I also aspire to live very soon (as soon as I get a job down there). It's about 10 minutes from San Luis Obispo...

The 2nd wedding is for my Brazilian friends Giselle and Edmir who I met when I was living in LA about 6 years ago. We worked together at a french restaurant in Long Beach with a crazy french owner and slutty wife, and were all roommates after that too! (not the french guy or his wife)

Their wedding is on October 16th, and I am sooooo excited about this one - they are having the party at the Santa Monica Pier and rented the whole carousel building!!

Their invitations are really cute too...Giselle is so creative.

One of my friends suggested I dress up in something special for this one, since it's kind of themed. So, I considered being the bearded lady, but I am not sure Giselle would appreciate that. BUT, I know Ed would!! Maybe I will go as the horse back riding girl...

I can't wait to post pictures of both of these great celebrations for you to see!!

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  1. this is the best news ever!
    and i am obsessed with those invites.
    they are sooooo cool!