Thursday, June 9, 2011

Puerto Riquena

Boy, I wish I was Puerta Rican...

Michelle and I just back from an amazing week in Puerto Rico with our college friend Gaby, and Amanda met us there.

It was the beginning of hurricane season, so I just happened to get this awesome picture of lightning behind the fort at Old San Juan.

So cool and totally by accident.

We spent a lot of time on the beach, and drinking Medalla beer (me and amanda, not pregnant Michelle!!!)

I Love Latin Life (and latinos too!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hiptsa Garden

I love the hiptsamatic app for iPhone.

This is my new succulent garden retaining wall in its hiptsa glory...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

exclusively from New Zealand

I spent 2 weeks in New Zealand in was pretty awesome and summer time. I have lot of family that live there. They are super cool, and pure Kiwis...
Grandpa Kaye and Shady Lady

Grandma Anna

Cousin Rosie

Cousin Isi

Aunt Sally

Uncle Simon

Uncle Patrick


And New Zealand has delicious food that we dont have too, like the most delicious lamb sausages, and mince pies, and Vegemite...
(salty spread, used like peanut butter, but tastes like salty butter. not to be used with jelly, but definitely on toast)

And there are HUGE ROSES like you have never seen before because the climate is so perfect...

I can't wait to go back...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ode to SLO

YAY, I have some blog worthy news!
I put my 2-weeks in and am making my move!

I am moving back to San Luis Obispo
to be near Michelle, Chris and my little bro.

I got a new job at the Seacrest Resort,
I am a little sad to leave the Hotel Nikko for sure.

I will leave the big city to something more pretty,
and I want to get a puppy, but not a kitty.

I will go back to school for my MBA someday,
but first I will take some time to play.

I will find a place in Los Osos near the beach,
with all my friends within a close reach.

And a surfer husband would be cool too.
We will have to wait to see what ensues... ;)

Before & After

San Francisco

Los Osos

Downtown San Francisco

Downtown SLO

Hotel Nikko

Seacrest Resort

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sammy the Dog

Our dog Sammy is so cute, but he is getting old these days.
He is 14 years old and his little hips and back legs are hurting him,
they sometimes give out on him and he falls down. :(

It's probably from him jumping 6 feet in the air to bite the snow coming out of my dad's snowblower. It's Sammy's favorite past-time.
And swimming in the beaver creek behind our house.
He loves to take walks and pee on everything.

Poochamer is his nickname.I love Sammy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reverend Nikki Returns

My Priesthood will continue this year when I will officiate weddings for
2 sets of my friends!!

The 1st wedding is for Dara and Devin, who I met in college,
and actually kinda introduced to each other! They will get married on October 2nd in
Los Osos at a adorable little bed and breakfast on the bay.
This is the place that Michelle and Chris also live, and I also aspire to live very soon (as soon as I get a job down there). It's about 10 minutes from San Luis Obispo...

The 2nd wedding is for my Brazilian friends Giselle and Edmir who I met when I was living in LA about 6 years ago. We worked together at a french restaurant in Long Beach with a crazy french owner and slutty wife, and were all roommates after that too! (not the french guy or his wife)

Their wedding is on October 16th, and I am sooooo excited about this one - they are having the party at the Santa Monica Pier and rented the whole carousel building!!

Their invitations are really cute too...Giselle is so creative.

One of my friends suggested I dress up in something special for this one, since it's kind of themed. So, I considered being the bearded lady, but I am not sure Giselle would appreciate that. BUT, I know Ed would!! Maybe I will go as the horse back riding girl...

I can't wait to post pictures of both of these great celebrations for you to see!!