Monday, June 28, 2010

Light a dating is so shitty!

Hey gals -
I made this blog for you because I always look at your blogs and you said you wanted me to do one too.
So here it is.
My most Boring Blog ever. :)

So, I have recently started online dating on
It is the most lame experience I have ever had, ever.
I try to make the most of it, and "wink" at guys everyday.
I cannot get a response back for the life of me.
And sometimes, they "reject" my "wink" and I get an email that says "such and such thanks you for your interest, but thinks you're not right for them" or something like that.
Aka, 'I think you're ugly.'
Oh ok, thanks. So nice of you to let me know.

I was supposed to go meet this one guy in San Luis Obispo over 4th of July weekend, BUT then this text went down:

Guy: what are you up to today?
Me: doing some work in the garden and enjoying this nice weather
Guy: i didn't know girls could work in the garden
Me: well i must be really talented then :)
Guy: no not talented...i meant that girls do all the inside housework.

I didn't respond and haven't heard back since.
Online dating is the most ridiculous thing ever invented...and you have to pay for it.