Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I hate modern technology

I had some great pictures for you from this last weekend at the beach in Tahoe with Michelle, Chris, and thier nephews -
BUT my iPhone pooped out on me while updating, and I lost EVERYTHING!

I think I will get a pager...

Monday, July 19, 2010

City Sale

Alexis and I had a garage sale this weekend.
We have a HUGE garage in our house, and it is FULL of STUFF.
To be honest, not much of the stuff is mine. Alexis likes to keep EVERYTHING.
We made a deal that whatever came out of the garage for the sale would not go back in.
We filled the entire driveway with THE stuff...

The coolest thing we had for sale was a old school scooter that Alexis used to drive around at Harvard. It hasn't run since 2006...

We sold it for $50 to the Harley Davidson guy that lives next door.
We can't wait to see it zipping up and down the street with a 300 pound biker with a ponytail on it.

The coolest thing we did NOT sell was this shirt. It was Alexis' grandma's...
I wish it was my size and I would have kept it.

We had books...

and toys...

and highly technical electronics... Fax machine, VCR, boombox anyone???

and CLOTHES...lots and lots of clothes...I think those are Erin's Prom dresses next to the graduation gowns...

At the end of the day, we sold:

2 Books

1 Supersoaker

2 Tonka Trucks

1 Rolling Cot

1 Poster Frame

1 Set of Luggage (3 pieces of course)

and 1 Sweet Scooter

We made $91.50!

Jackpot, baby.

We gave 5 bags of clothes to the nice Mexican neighbors across the street, Gratis.
We took 17 bags to the Goodwill.
and the other neighbor just happened to be taking a load to the dump.

Happy Cleaning and good Neighbors
I guess one person's junk is always another person's treasure.
According to Alexis though, it's ALL Treasure :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ewww, Gross

I had to cancel my Match.com account ASAP!
I am pretty sure that all the guys on there are perverts and predators.
If you know one that's not, PLEEEEASE let me know.
I would love to be proved wrong.

*first conversation with this guy ever...

jbeck82: hi
me: hi
jbeck82: what r you up to?
me: messing around on the internet when i should be working. what r u doing?
jback82: taking care of some morning business
me: what exactly is morning business?
jbeck82: you know, that long and hard to get rid of in the morning kind of business
me: tmi

The other message I received that made me draw the line...
Guy: I like your photos, I want to get to know you better in private.

Gross! What is up with these pervs? Is is just wierd guys in San Francisco?
Please, please, please, tell me it is!!! :)